• Subject: Stand Down Accounting

    Good morning all;
    In recent conversations with the good folks at National, the topic of Reporting Stand Downs and Veteran Job Fairs 
    was discussed.  I feel, and National agrees, that we are not Reporting all of our good deeds and efforts.
    I would like to suggest that you, Marquis or you Commander Romano, that you reach out to all Area/District Commanders
    and request they do some investigation into this matter and be prepared to Report to Convention. 
    We would like to know: When the events were held... Where they were held.... Who was responsible for organizing the event...
    What services were offered.... and how many attended.  Any future planned events information also would be appreciated.
    And share your success stories.  
    I would very much like to share that information with our VE&E Division Director, Joseph Sharpe and his staff
    that California is conducting Stand Downs and Job Fairs.
    National is aware of some of the Job Fairs, as they are involved however the Stand Downs and other hiring events
    are going 'un-reported.
    Help me, help us and let's get credit for the hard work and efforts of California Legionnaires. 
    Eric W. Measles, Chairman
    National Veterans Education, Other Benefits, & Homelessness Committee
    The American Legion